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The life of a doctor

Sometimes you get the opportunity to do work that really feels important. Today we want to show our gratitude towards the people who are the backbone for our healthy, modern society and that we feel needs that extra attention, especially in these trying times.

A couple of months ago we got the opportunity to mix a webseries about the life and work of a couple of Swedish doctors, nurses and hospital personnel. It might not be the fanciest sound design but it has a story that just needs to be told, and we are very proud that we got the chance to really bring that story to life!

It is scary how strained our healthcare is, and since this was recorded last summer we can't even begin to imagine how tough it has to be in these times. Watching this it really feels like they are superheroes, putting on their cape every day, caring for other people and then going home to take care of their own family afterwards. We just want to say thank you to every human being that puts in so much time saving lives and making lives better for thousands of people.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell how we as sound designers and musicians contribute to making the world a better place, but we strongly believe that sound and music is an important tool to make humans connect to their emotions and feelings. We strive to tell stories and making people connect to their emotions and we really believe that through telling this story we can show the gratitude towards the people that are making the world a better, safer and healthier place.

Remember, take care of each other and respect one another. We know it's tough to stay at home, not being able to hug your closest, but hopefully this will be over very soon!


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