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audiovisual media

installations - art - interactive audio - musical instruments


This is a permanent installation at Kreativum Science Center which explores the boundaries between music and painting. The concept is heavily influenced by the phenomenon synaesthesia which is an involuntary cross-connection between senses, leading to multi-sensory experiences.


The installation was built using the visual programming language Max/MSP and Xbox Kinect which let’s us connect movement to painting and sound-creation with simple hand gestures.


In order to get a smooth and wholesome experience we have designed the installation through the term Kinesonic Interaction, simply put, how sound feels and reacts naturally when moving your body.


Tracks is an explorative prototype where we researched skate culture and how we through visuals, electronics and sound can find new ways to mediate skate culture.


With Tracks, our idea was to incorporate the sound of the material into the skate experience so we installed contact microphones underneath the obstacles. This would pick up the sound of the material to be amplified and modulated with effects to get a hyper realistic soundcape in real time. The microphone would also act as a trigger for a camera resulting in an automatic snapshot, creating a stop motion video.

Botanical soundscapes

Botanical Soundscapes is an interactive soundscape designed towards evoking reflection and lifting sustainable development goals.

The project explores how we can use everyday objects and interact with them in order to raise questions about the world around us.


The installation uses living plants as a medium for interacting with digital media. As you touch the plant a soundscape evolves around you and the plant gets stressed the more you interact with it.



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